NRMA Retail Theft Database

Created in 2004, the National Retail Mutual Association (NRMA) Retail Theft Database is the product of GIS ingenuity and retailer experience, designed to help member retailers combat internal theft in new ways.

In 2016, retailers lost $16.2 billion to internal theft. But for all the strife internal theft can cause, only 5% of incidents are prosecuted – only 5% of incidents can be found by using a traditional criminal history search.

Retailers need a new and better way to fight internal theft. That better way is the NRMA Retail Theft Database. NRMA contains proprietary retail theft data that cannot be found anywhere else – through any other provider or through any other search.

With NRMA, you get a retail theft database that:
  • Is only open to retailers who contribute to the database as well as use information from it
  • Includes retail theft information only – No theft of time, no breaking of company policy
  • Has a fully-automated inquiry process
  • Offers an exclusive ongoing monitoring program
  • Is backed by program management including case management and standard monthly management reports
  • Is FCRA compliant, so you can legally use it in a hiring decision.

Plus, we’ve enlisted key retailers to form an advisory board, helping GIS stay on top of what the retail industry needs and grow our member list. With these efforts, GIS has been able to stay true to the original idea behind NRMA and to grow NRMA from just 8 members in 2004 to more than 120 by 2017.

NRMA also offers member companies customizable awareness posters and brochures to help facilitate the conversation between retailers and their employees.